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Mechanic’s Lien Act

Mechanic’s Lien Act is especially for contractors and subcontractors who didn’t get paid for the jobs done. “Mechanic’s lien” is a legal document filed with the correct recording authority, which if properly filed and recorded gives the holder of the lien an interest in the property. While a mortgage holder can force a foreclosure sale if the deadbeat doesn’t pay the mortgage, which means the contractor can then take action and force any property that has a lien on it into sale in order to collect what is owned

Our goal is to help you establish your lien rights so that you can get paid for the construction projects you do. There are special time frames to file Mechanic’s Lien. Consultation in Contractor’s Lien Advisors is always free so call us to schedule your appointment. Our employees are well trained in the research and verification fields, some of them have worked in lien field for more than 10 years. Our office is conveniently located on the North side of Chicago, right off the highway.

Your lien rights

Our team will help you to understand how to protect your lien rights and how to protect yourself against contractors who doesn’t pay.
Our services include preliminary notices, notice to owners, and notice of furnishing, mechanics liens, stop notices and more. Our employees will prepare for you all the documents needed to file Mechanic’s Lien, and the customer will receive all copies of the documents.

Employees of Contractor’s Lien Advisors speak English, Polish, Russian and Spanish for better convenience to our clients. We want you to understand everything in the details and ask as many questions as you need to, to know your rights. Our Chicago location is open every day from 9am to 5pm, after 5pm and on Saturday appointment only.

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